Improvement in transfer with a certificate

Dear users,
At the end of April, signing of payment order in DSK Direct, for customers who have already installed a certificate on the bank server, has become even easier.

With the implementation of the possibility to store the client certificate on the Bank server, the users who use this opportunity receive the following benefits:

O They can order transactions from any computer.
O They can make transactions regardless of the browser and its version.
O The application and installation of the certificate is a one-time operation and the renewal is automatically done, without further action.

During the installation of certificate on the bank server, you have to specify (enter) a 4-digit PIN code. The PIN is entered from a virtual keyboard on the screen through which you have to mark the digits you have selected. Afterwards, when making transactions, you will use this PIN together with the one-time SMS code. The PIN can be changed at any time.

If you already have a certificate installed in the browser, you can continue using it until its expiration date or you can apply at any time for certificate stored on the bank server. To apply for certificate stored on the server it is not necessary to visit a bank office.

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