Updating SMS notification service for group transfers via DSK Direct

Dear customers,

DSK Bank appreciates the time and comfort of its customers and continues to expand its services. The Bank customers with Digital Certificate or QES are facilitated when confirm a number of bank transfers via online banking-DSK Direct and when receive payment code via SMS text alerts.
In case a customer makes a number of payment transactions, there is a possibility to save the payment orders before signing and after that to confirm all of them with one payment code received via SMS alert. For this purpose, the following actions are required:
After completing the electronic form for credit transfer, you should select the "SAVE" button. Once saved, the payment order is stored in "Payments not sent" section.
Once the customer completes and saves all desired transaction payments, should select "Payments not sent" section in order to review, sign and send all saved payment orders. For each payment order has to check box Sign and check box Send.
Finally, select the "CONFIRM" button.
After pressing "CONFIRM" button, on the screen in DSK Direct should be displayed information about all signed payment translations in tabular form and also a field for SMS payment code.
The client receives a SMS text alert notifying for a payment code, transaction data containing the number of payment transfers and details for each transfer-last 4 digits of account number and amount.
In case of signing a number of payment transfers, should be received several SMS messages that contain details of all translations. The payment code should be in the first of all received SMS messages.
We hope that these updates should assist your e-banking and makes your efforts easier.
For any further details, you can contact us on 0700 10 375 or * 2375.

DSK Bank